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Music for the wedding ceremony can be very traditional, or untraditional, and custom tailored to the couples' wishes.  People can really choose whatever way they want to get married.  The ceremony may follow a specific ritual according to their religion and culture, or the ceremony may be as unique an experience as the couple wants it.  Whatever your desires and music needs are, we can make it happen to your exact specifications. 

We break ceremony music down into traditional and non-traditional.



Typical traditional ceremony music can be played with these types of ensembles or soloists:


String ensembles - strings may include violin, viola, cello, or double bass.  A typical string quartet consists of two violins, viola and cello.

Strings with woodwinds - strings combined with flutes.

Woodwind ensembles - primarily flute, clarinet, double reed instruments.



Strolling violinist

Classical guitar


Church organ







For those couples seeking a non-traditional approach to their wedding, here are some actual ideas that have been done:


Jazz combo (2-5 pieces) - romantic jazz ballads, special song for the processional as the bride comes down like Unforgettable.

Hawaiian - for one such couple, this was their second marriage, and they got married on a cruise yacht on a summer day.  They wanted a Hawaiian wedding song to be played for their ceremony.  The band dressed in Hawaiian shirts too.

Vocals - a cappella or voice accompanied with piano or music group.

If the reception band is in the same room where the ceremony is performed, sometimes the band will play for the ceremony as well. 

Please ask about authentic ethnic musical groups from Greek Bands, to Jewish, and much more.


Featured Musicians


Solo Pianist/Vocalist



Listening to Ludmilla will take you down a path that shares musical styles and multi-cultural experiences. By blending East and West, new and old, classical and jazz, she creates her own signature style.  Traditional, non-traditional, or both.  Click here for info.

Solo Guitar


Dan Sales

His guitar work is the perfect fit for wedding ceremonies, private functions, and corporate events that need a wonderful ambient solo musical presence.  Always professional and extremely easy to work with, you will find Dan an excellent choice for your next special event.  Click here to learn more.



We are always constantly updating this website and adding to our roster of stellar professional musicians.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for here, please feel to give us a call and we will be delighted to help you.  Call toll free 866-771-2500.


Please feel free to fill out a booking request form.  There is no obligation.  You can describe in detail what your entertainment needs are for your wedding.  This will enable us to assist you better in your entertainment planning.


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